Infrastructure Engineer @ Deepnote

Join Deepnote as an infrastructure engineer.

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## About us We started Deepnote with a simple mission: to solve the most difficult data science problems. To solve these problems, we don't need just bigger datasets and more computing power, we need powerful user interfaces that help us to reason and think. Interfaces that help us experiment. Interfaces that help us collaborate. These interfaces do not exist yet. We need to invent them first. Rethinking the data science tooling from first principles is a difficult problem. We were joined by YC, Index and Accel on our journey. Read more about our funding history [in this article]( To solve these problems, we are building an amazing team of engineers, designers and artists in beautiful cities of Prague, the Czech Republic and San Francisco, California.
### **So what happens if you join us as an Infrastructure Engineer?** You'll be joining as one of the first Infrastructure Engineers in the company. Your responsibilities will range from developing services that handle workflows of thousands of users. Scaling our K8s cluster and encounter challenges that haven't been solved before in the industry. You'll have your say in the choice of technologies we use and the features we implement. Your impact will be visible from day one. We're looking for a brilliant Infrastructure Engineer with a passion for design and a drive to work on the most difficult problems in the field. We don't expect you to be an expert on everything, but we expect you to learn fast and take the lead on challenges we face. ### **It's a great fit if you had a chance to get in touch with:** - Building things with TypeScript, NodeJS, Redis, Kubernetes and PostgreSQL - Understanding of the latest cutting-edge features of Docker and K8s and constantly experiment with new ones - Understanding of design tools (we love to use Figma) **To sum it up**, this job is perfect for engineers who enjoy learning, aim for the highest standard in their field by thinking about features beyond the code. Interacting with users and owning the project end-to-end. Wanting to build a product for millions of users solving the world's biggest problems. Having an analytical mind alike to uncover answers with data. Loving to learn and looking to get better every day.
## **FAQ** **How can I prepare for this interview?** - We love to talk about current issues and barriers in every-day data science workflows. This is a tough problem to solve and we need to understand our users (and market they are in) extremely well. **Is this role full-time or can I work part-time?** - This role is full-time. We are open to discussion but want to make sure that both sides are comfortable with the arrangement. **Is the role based in Prague or can I work remotely?** - Because we're such a small team it is essential for us to spend time together. Being all in one office helps us solve problems on the spot and grow faster, together. **What if I'm interviewing from a foreign country?** - We make sure that any candidate has a chance to meet our team in person. We will cover the costs of necessary travels. **Do you offer relocation support?** - Absolutely, we want to make sure that your journey to our Prague HQ is nice and smooth. **Since you are in Prague, what's the company language?** - Our company language is English (even though for many of us it is our second language). We are a US company and have been communicating only in English from the very beginning. ### **How to apply?** Send us a message at if you'd like to work with us on Deepnote! 👋