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A data science platform for your course - easily set-up your notebooks and other resources in the cloud. Every student can share their project with a single click, no more screenshots and code traces sent through email. #### How does it work? You will be able to create a team inside Deepnote and invite all of your students. Then you can select which resources to share with your students (such as individual assignments). Once completed, the students can share the assignments back with you by sending a link. #### Pricing & Resources Deepnote is free for educators and students, no card required. You will also skip the waitlist. Every students gets a machine with a 2 core CPU and 5GB of RAM. #### Guide to setting up a course in Deepnote [Setting up a course in Deepnote]( #### Special requirements If your class needs a more powerful hardware or is missing some custom features (like a special login provider), reach out to us at []() **We are happy to chat about this! Reach out to us at []() or fill out [this form](**