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Deepnote is free for students, teachers and researchers

Universities worldwide use Deepnote to collaborate with others and teach data science.

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An exploratory analysis in Deepnote notebook

Using Deepnote as a student or teacher

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Deepnote is built from the bottom up to support collaboration and help you study & teach. The free Education plan provides you with even more collaborative options, allowing you to create teams for free.

Deepnote showing two different students working together on a data science project in real time and seeing each other's changes instantly

Real-time collaboration

Discuss and debug your models with students or peers and see in real-time what others are working on.

Team of 2 collaborators using Deepnote comments in order to communicate and work together directly within a data science notebook

Comments & Reviews

Provide assistance, leave feedback, or grade notebooks using comments. Also, get a notification whenever a new comment is added.

Team of 4 collaborators with different permissions for greater data security

Classroom Management

Manage classes and group projects easily thanks to Deepnote Teams. If your team uses a third-party service like AWS S3, you can share the credentials with the whole team easily.

Three separated Deepnote projects with different environments which are completely separate for spotless reproducibility

Zero Setup

No more broken pip installs or mismatched library versions on local machines. The whole class or team can work with the same environment.

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Pro Education
Free plan for students, educators and classes
Unlimited teachers & students
Unlimited projects & submissions
Unlimited machines
Team-shared integrations
Comments & project feedback
30 days of history


How do I use Deepnote?

Deepnote provides a way to create assignments shared with your class or to collaboratively work on group assignments. By default, all of your projects are private and only visible to you. By getting the Education plan, you can create a free Deepnote team which allows you to easily share & manage projects with students and peers.

How to get the free team plan?

Sign up, all you need to do is select the Education plan on the team creation page. To help verify you, we'll ask you to provide us with your institutional email.

Does Deepnote include any free resources?

Each member of a team gets 750 hours of the Standard machine for free (in addition to their hours on the personal accounts). Advanced machines, such as GPUs, are paid. If you need advanced machines for your course, let us know at help@deepnote.com.

Have any other educators used Deepnote in their classes?

Yes, Deepnote has already been used successfully by many schools and universities. If you’re unsure whether Deepnote is right for your class, we can connect you with educators in your field who have had experience using Deepnote. Just fill out this form.