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How Deepnote is used for exams by Ghent University students

Tibo's student group needed to work on group assignments that involve writing code. Before Deepnote, the coding part was a real hustle, and they faced the following obstacles daily:

  • Not understanding the code of your teammate.

  • Sending files back and forth.

  • Losing sight of the bigger picture.

As someone who is striving for good results, Tibo went looking for solutions. First, GitHub was an improvement on file management which led to more structure and thus less chaos. However, Github was not as easy to use, especially when working in real-time on different parts of code in the same file, which is often the case in group assignments. They got countless merge errors which were a pain to go through. Here, Deepnote became a life-saver.

Use cases

group projects, simulations, analyses, scraping, data processing pipelines, statistics, big data


Python, R


Tibo and Tom are master students in Business Engineering: Data Analytics at the University of Ghent (Belgium)

Ghent University about 1
Ghent University about 2


Deepnote is like Google Docs for programming. You can work real-time in the same notebooks without getting merge errors and other struggles you are typically confronted with when programming in a team. The platform allows you to see what your teammate is working on and what his/her results are on the spot. Even afterwards, the 'History' function makes it easy to see who made which adjustments to the code.


Markdown annotation

As a future data scientist, the code and the outputs of the code are necessary but not sufficient. Tibo's group needed to be able to translate results into findings and derive valuable conclusions from them. When everyone does his/her part of the assignment, it is easy to lose track of the bigger picture, especially when files are not fully integrated or the code lacks comments and annotations.

Again, Deepnote to the rescue. It provides a markdown structure next to the code, incentivising you to explain your code and results such that teammates (including your future self) and professor can understand this. It empowers the broad perspective of both coding and findings.


Smooth experience

Everything just worked. Smoothly, yet easy-to-use.

Tibo's group could focus on things that matter rather than spending time on setting up the environment and keeping installed libraries in sync across multiple collaborators.

I hope that this honest testimony can convince you that Deepnote is really the way to go when working on collaborative projects.

It does live up to the expectations. As a result, I will be using Deepnote when working on my master thesis and all other (group) projects in the future.

Tibo NuytsMS student at Ghent University
Tibo Nuyts's avatar

Deepnote really took our project to the next level.

Tom ClaessensMS student at Ghent University
Tom Claessens's avatar


Tibo used Deepnote for a variety of courses. The Group Assignment for Bayesian Statistics was worth 50% of the course's final grade, making the assignment very important to him. Tibo's group needed to provide both working code and explanations of their solution and findings, so they submitted the final work, including markdown and the code, as an exported PDF document.

Outcome for Ghent University

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