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ChatGPT for your data

Deepnote offers contextual AI help for all your data projects. Learn more about the future of notebooks powered by AI assistance and deep learning.

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Explainable and transparent AI assistant — Deepnote has a deep understanding of your projects, data warehouses, and metadata. It provides precise and auditable AI assistance for your data work.

Our notebook structure ensures that every AI suggestion is turned into transparent and reproducible results allowing data teams to trust in AI like never before.

Automagically generate notebooks

Starting from scratch is no longer a hurdle. With Deepnote AI's auto notebook capability, simply provide your prompts, questions, or instructions, and watch as an entire data notebook — including code, SQL queries, and text — materializes before your eyes. Ideal for complex data projects, this feature transforms your ideas into executable notebooks automatically.

DataFramePrompt: Analyze sales for the last six months to identify the most valuable customers
Deepnote AI is embarking on a journey...
Step 1: Loading the sales data into a pandas DataFrame for quick inspection...

Move fast with embedded coding superpowers

AI-based code completion, tailored for you

Accelerate your workflow and eliminate the tedious and repetitive tasks with Deepnote's AI context-aware code suggestions. Quickly cycle through lines of code and complete function suggestions. Powered by Codeium

Code with plain language

Ask questions in natural language, and let Deepnote AI generate the code for you. It's like having your personal code expert.

Explain the code

Don't let complex pieces of code baffle you anymore with concise, easy-to-understand explanations

This code reads a CSV file into a pandas DataFrame and then converts a specific column in that DataFrame to a string data type.

Nassim Helou

Nassim Helou

Data scienctist, Ramp

Loving the copilot. I was impressed by the way it learned from the hints I was giving him. I was basically writing some repetitive code for full data and two subsets and very quickly he picked up the breakdowns I was trying to do and auto-completions were great.

Edit code

Need to revise or refactor your code? Simply ask Deepnote AI and watch it edit any existing code.

editing the code with AI

Debug code

Never get stuck with a bug again. Deepnote AI pinpoints the issue and provides an immediate fix with just a simple a click.

debugging the code with AI

Security = Priority

In Deepnote you can stay secure with RBAC, allowlists, SSH tunnels, SSL certificates, OAuth, and more. Authenticate with your credentials or a shared account to transform SQL with Python, build no-code charts, collaborate in real time, and share work with a link. All AI capabilities are opt-in, you can choose when you want us to enable them.

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