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Welcome to Deepnote

Deepnote revolutionizes the way your team work with data, combining Python, SQL, and no-code analysis, natively connecting to over 50 data sources. Enhanced by GPT-4, it offers code generation, editing, explanation, auto-completion, and ability to convert your notebooks into dynamic data apps and dashboards instantly.

See how Deepnote helps over 100 000 data analysts and scientists worldwide from startups to Fortune 500 companies in this 5 minutes demo.

What makes Deepnote a go-to tool for so many data teams?

1. It's more than just a notebook

  • Collaboration at its core: Deepnote's cloud-based environment enables real-time collaboration and commenting, supported by robust version control, making teamwork seamless and efficient.

  • SQL support: easily switch between SQL, Python and R within a single notebook.

  • Over 50 secure built-in integrations: Connect effortlessly to popular data sources, including Snowflake, BigQuery, and Postgres, with secure, built-in integrations that get your team up and running instantly.

  • Accessible to all: With no-code tools and AI-superpowers, coding isn’t a barrier—it’s a bridge. Deepnote makes data science accessible, inviting everyone into the world of data insights.

2. Deep AI integration to give users superpowers

Explainable and transparent AI assistant — Deepnote has a deep understanding of your projects, data warehouses, and metadata. It provides precise and auditable AI assistance for your data work. Our notebook structure ensures that every AI suggestion is turned into transparent and reproducible results allowing data teams to trust in AI like never before.

  • Speak naturally, code flawlessly: Picture this: you ask your data questions just like you'd chat with a colleague, and watch as the code materializes. Deepnote AI goes beyond writing code—it explains and corrects it, enabling your team to achieve wonders, even those new to coding.

  • AI Code completion: Context-aware suggestions as you type, reducing repetition and accelerating your projects.

3. From notebooks to data apps in seconds

Deepnote features a built-in app functionality that allows you to arrange, format, and publish a selection of blocks as a dashboard, report or interactive app. Explore what you can build in our library here

  • Arrange your notebook into columns: Put your charts side-by-side, group your inputs next to each other, and tailor your story for the best viewing experience.

  • Curate what’s visible: From the app builder you can select which inputs, text, code and SQL blocks will be visible for your audience.

  • Make your apps interactive with Input blocks: Transform your apps into interactive tools using Deepnote's input blocks. Let your audience actively engage with your analysis by filtering and exploring the data on their own.