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Dig into the questions and answers below to find out more about our free Education plan. And don't forget to visit our Education page to discover more helpful content, including our teaching templates!

Does the education plan include free computing hours of Plus, Performance, high-memory, or GPU machines?

Each member of the education workspace gets an unlimited number of hours of the Basic machine (up to 5GB RAM and 2vCPU) for free. If you want to use Pro, Performance, high-memory, or GPU machines, you must add a payment method.

Can I get an education plan even though I don't have a school email address?

Deepnote's free education plan is offered to all students, teachers, and researchers with access to their school email addresses. However, we also provide it to users who wish to learn more about data science or do social good, even if they don't have school email addresses (e.g., MOOCs, NGOs, etc.). Learn more in our Education plan verification page.

How can I upgrade my machines while I'm on the free Education plan?

You can easily add your payment option and change the machine you want. Learn more in our Selecting hardware page.

How do I use Deepnote for educational purposes?

Deepnote makes it easy to create and share assignments with your class or work on group assignments collaboratively. All your projects are private and only visible to you by default. With the free Education plan, you can create a Deepnote workspace that allows you to share and manage projects with students and colleagues.

How can I migrate my accounts between personal and school email addresses?

In case you wish to migrate your accounts or merge the work on your accounts, please contact us.

What should I do if my education account has been suspended?

Deepnote's free education plan is only for learning and teaching purposes. Any abuse of usage will result in a permanent banning of your account. Learn more in our terms of service. If you believe you haven't breached our policy and the suspension was unauthorized, contact our support team.

Does Deepnote support learning management system (LMS) integrations?

No, Deepnote doesn't currently offer integrations with any LMS. We focus on creating an open and collaborative environment for data scientists to explore their ideas. As such, we don't have plans to add LMS support in the near future. However, you can easily export your work from Deepnote into PDFs or other formats that can be imported directly into most LMS systems.