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Deepnote is free for students, teachers and researchers

Universities worldwide use Deepnote to collaborate with others and teach data science.

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An exploratory analysis in Deepnote notebook

Built for teams of any size

Using Deepnote as a student or teacher

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Deepnote is built from the bottom up to support collaboration and help you study & teach. The free Education plan provides you with even more collaborative options, providing additional compute time and allowing you to invite as many people as you want.

Two students working together on a Deepnote data science project in real-time and seeing each other's changes instantly

Real-time collaboration

Work with students and peers in real-time. Collaborating in Deepnote is as easy as copy-pasting a URL.

Three Deepnote projects with different environments, completely separated for spotless reproducibility

Zero setup

No more fussing with the terminal and with package installations. With Deepnote, you're ready to go in two clicks.

Team of 2 collaborators using Deepnote comments in order to communicate and work together directly within a data science notebook

Comments & reviews

Provide assistance, leave feedback, or grade notebooks using comments. Receive notifications whenever a new comment is added.

Team of 4 collaborators with different permissions for greater data security

Classroom management

Manage all classroom material, from lectures to assignments, all in one workspace. Customize permissions for students, instructors and TAs to match your classroom structure.

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Get started with Deepnote for Education today

Deepnote is free for students, teachers and researchers. Universities worldwide use Deepnote to collaborate with others and teach data science.

Free plan for students, educators and classes
Unlimited teachers & students
Unlimited projects & submissions
Unlimited machines
Workspace-shared integrations
Comments & project feedback
30 days of history


What is Deepnote?

Deepnote is a data science notebook that brings educators together to explore, discover new subjects, learn and teach together. Because Deepnote offers real-time collaboration in your browser along the lines of Google Docs, we make it easy for teachers to help their students on the learning journey and see how they progress.

Just create an edu workspace for your classroom, plug in your curriculum, and invite your students to start teaching. Deepnote is completely free for all educators!

How do I use Deepnote for EDU purposes?

Deepnote provides a way to create assignments shared with your class or to collaboratively work on group assignments. By default, all of your projects are private and only visible to you. By getting the Education plan, you can create a free Deepnote workspace that allows you to easily share & manage projects with students and peers.

For more information please visit our Deepnote teaching guide.

Can I receive some additional free computation power for my class?

Deepnote provides one month of free Basic machine hours (750 hours) to each member of an educational workspace. In case your class requires some additional computational power please contact to discuss further.

How to start a class in Deepnote and what is the recommended educational workflow?

Setting up a class can seem daunting but is really easy using Deepnote. To make your life as easy as possible, we have created a comprehensive guide that takes you through the educational workflow on Deepnote step-by-step.

Should you still have questions after consulting the guide, let us know at

How to start with Deepnote for education and how to activate my educational account?

To get started, head over to the Deepnote For Education landing page and sign up with your academic email. If your institution does not use Google, try signing up via GitHub (you can sign up for GitHub here with your academic email if you haven’t already).

For further details and a step-by-step walkthrough, please refer to the Deepnote Teaching Guide.

Can I invite multiple students into the same Deepnote workspace?

Yes. Once your educational workspace has been created, you can easily add as many students as you want. Simply choose the access level of each student, separate their emails by a comma and add them to your class. More details on setting up educational workspaces can be found in our Deepnote For Education guide and our documentation.

Does Deepnote provide educational users with any benefits?

Yes, Deepnote is completely free for all students, researchers, professors, and online courses participants. If you are a professor or teacher with active teaching engagement in a school or university, you are eligible for the creation of the workspace with EDU benefits. We automatically detect this eligibility during the sign-up process based on your email domain.

Each member of a workspace gets 750 hours of the Basic machine for free (in addition to their hours on the personal accounts). Advanced machines, such as GPUs, are paid for. If you need advanced machines for your course, let us know at

How to get the free edu workspace plan?

Sign up, all you need to do is select the Education plan on the workspace creation page. To help verify you, we'll ask you to provide us with your institutional email. We highly encourage all educators to use their institutional email which facilitates the whole verification process.

How to organize my projects so that students can share them, duplicate and hand them over?

At Deepnote we have two different access levels. One access level is for all the students inside of the workspace and the second one is per project. More information about access levels can be found here.

Recommended access levels for your students in Deepnote classroom:

Workspace access level - Editor. Students can create projects in the workspace. Can’t edit or add edit integrations

Projects access level - Execute. Students can execute code in addition to viewing and commenting, but cannot change anything or use terminals.

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