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Google Drive

If you store spreadsheets and CSVs in Google Drive, our native integration makes it easy to access these files from within Deepnote.

How to use the Google Drive integration

There is a two-step process for setting up the Google Drive integration:

  1. Grant Deepnote permission to access the files.
  2. Connect the integration to your desired project.

From there you will be able to use Python to read the files into your notebook.

As with all integrations, once you set up the Google Drive integration, members of your workspace will be able to connect it to any project (if they have the appropriate permissions to do so).

Let's set it all up and look at some examples of working with files from Google Drive.

Authorizing & connecting

First, click the Integrations section in the left panel and find the Google Drive entry in the list of native integrations (you can also create new integrations in the Integrations area in the right panel).


You will be taken through the authorization flow (via OAuth). Once Deepnote is authorized to access the files, connect the Google Drive to your desired project as shown below.


Accessing a Shared Drive

To access a Shared Drive within your workspace, set the Team Drive ID in the Integration settings. You may get the Drive ID from the URL of the Drive.

Working with files in Google Drive

Once Google Drive is connected to your project, it will be mounted to the /datasets/ folder. It is now a simple matter to use pandas (or other standard Python commands) to read the files into your notebook and begin working with them.

Here's an example using pandas to read a CSV from Google Drive into the notebook: