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Deepnote helps you bring lectures to life by allowing you to create interactive, dynamic lessons that engage and challenge your students. With Deepnote, you can easily incorporate code examples, interactive exercises, and visualizations into lectures, which helps students better understand complex concepts and ideas.

Deepnote's cloud-based workspace means that students can access and work on lectures from anywhere, on any device, at any time. This can be particularly helpful for students who may not have access to a traditional classroom setting or who may need to review material on their own time.

With a wide range of cell types at your disposal — including Markdown, headings, text, charts, sliders, and code — you can easily transform your entire curriculum into interactive lectures.

And with Deepnote's workspaces and access control system, distributing your materials to your students is a breeze. Simply invite them as Viewers to your lecture workspace and allow them to duplicate the project in their own personal workspace for easy access and review.