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Deepnote does not yet offer a native way to integrate, but it's easy enough to use the Python SDK.

1. Register a Dropbox API app and create an integration

To use the Dropbox API, you'll need to register a new app in the App Console.

First, choose your app's permissions (before you generate the token). You'll probably need at least, files.metadata.write, and files.content.write.

You'll need to use the access token created with this app to access API v2. You can do it on the Settings tab, under OAuth2 section, with Generate access token.

Create a new Environment variable integration in Deepnote, and add the access token.


2. Try it out

First, install the Python SDK with pip install dropbox . Then modify and add this snippet:

import os 
import dropbox

dbx = dropbox.Dropbox(os.environ.get("DROPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN"))

# list files in the root folder
for entry in dbx.files_list_folder('').entries:
# download a file from Dropbox
dbx.files_download_to_file('my_file_in_deepnote.csv', '/my_folder/my_file_in_dropbox.csv')