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Downgrading or canceling

When you cancel your subscription or downgrade your plan, you will lose access to some features which are not available on the Free plan. Below we describe how each feature will be downgraded.

  1. Editor seats. The workspace will revert to a member limit of 3. The most recently added admins, editors, and contributors above this limit will be given Viewer permission.

  2. Projects. You will keep all projects that are in your workspace. If the workspace has reached or exceeded the project limit of the Free tier, you will not be able to create any new projects.

  3. Folders. The workspace will keep any existing folders, but new folders cannot be created.

  4. Revision history. You will not be able to open any versions older than 7 days. They will still be visible in the Activity Log.

  5. Workspace member permissions.

    • Any workspace members who are not Admins will be given Viewer permissions.
    • Any workspace members that join via an Editor invite link will join as Viewers.
  6. Project permissions.

    • Any project collaborators with a permission that is not Edit will be set to View.
    • Any project public links with a permission that is not Edit, will be set to View.
    • Any project with workspace permissions that is not Full Access will be set to View.
  7. Published projects. Any published projects that are shared with Workspace & collaborators will be unpublished. You can always publish these projects again with a different sharing settings.

  8. Team integrations. Integrations that are not part of the Free plan will be disconnected from all projects. You will still be able to see these integrations, but you will not be able to connect them to your projects. You can find a full list of these integrations on our Pricing page.

  9. Private docker images. You will not be able to use private Docker Hub, ECR, or GCR images as your environment.

  10. Scheduled notebooks. If you have more than 1 scheduled notebook, the most recently scheduled notebooks will be un-scheduled.

  11. Notebook API. Any API keys that were generated will be invalidated.

  12. Additional machines. All projects that use paid machines will revert to using free Basic machines.

  13. Static IPs. You will no longer be able to connect to Deepnote via these static IPs.

  14. Additional machines. All workspace projects will revert to using the default machine. Any additional machine hours that you haven’t paid for yet will be charged.

  15. Hardware shutdown time. All projects will revert to a 15-minute hardware shutdown time.