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Sharing and embedding blocks

Deepnote supports sharing or embedding the code and output of individual blocks. Once shared, the embed gets automatically refreshed based on the changes in your notebook! To turn on sharing, select a block and click Share block on the right-hand side. The appearing pop-up window will allow you to select which part of the block you'd like to share: code only, output only, or both. Keep in mind that the block won't be shared until you turn on the toggle switch up top.

Sharing blocks via URL

If you'd like to quickly share an individual block's code and/or output via URL, all you need to do is copy the link in the Share block box. Then, to view the shared block, paste the link into the address bar in your browser of choice. Note that anyone with the link can view the shared block content, not only collaborators on your Deepnote project!

Embedding blocks on Medium / Notion

Embedding Deepnote blocks into Notion pages is as easy as 1,2,3. All you need to do is copy the link in the Share block box, paste it into your Notion page, and hit Create embed... and ta-da! You can also resize the embedded block to make your Notion page look (even) better.

Embedding Deepnote blocks into Medium articles is very straightforward. Simply copy the link in the Share block box, paste it into your Medium article, and you're set!

Embedding Deepnote blocks using <iframe>

If the options above are not for you but you'd still like to embed your Deepnote blocks into websites, look no further. Deepnote provides you with a default <iframe> tag that you can customize as you please. The two most important attributes:

  • height: Customize the height of your <iframe>
  • width: Customize the width of your <iframe>

Click on Run Pen below to see <iframe> embedding of Deepnote blocks live in a CodePen embed (insert Inception meme here).