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Sharing a project


Sharing a project

How to share a project

In order to share a project, click on the Share & publish button in the upper right-hand corner and turn on public sharing (with the toggle switch). Set the access levels you desire and copy the link to share.

  • Share the project over a link. If you turn on link sharing, anyone who is given a link to your project will have access. Users who visit a shared project are not required to be registered. The link sharing can be disabled at any time and you can control the access levels (e.g., View, Execute, Edit) for the shared link (described below). Link sharing is by default disabled.
  • Invite over email. You may also share projects by inviting collaborators via email. The collaborators will receive an email with the link to the project. The invited project members will need to create an account on Deepnote under the same email as the link was sent to. If you get invited to a project, it will show up on your My projects page under the section Shared with me. You can select the permission levels for each member you invite (described below).

Projects which are shared publicly (link sharing is on) are indexed by search engines such as Google and can appear in the search results

Access Levels

Grant fine-grained permissions to control how your invitees can use the project.

  • Those with View access can inspect everything in the project, but cannot edit content, change datasets or terminals, execute cells or manage the sharing settings.
  • Those with Execute access can execute code in addition to viewing. Execute access will not allow you to edit content, add connections, add terminals, change hardware or manage the sharing settings.
  • Those with Edit access can do anything except manage the sharing settings. This means that you will not be able to invite new members or turn on/off the link sharing.
  • Those with Admin access (invite over email only) can do anything except for deleting the project.
  • Those with Owner access (only the project creator) have the same rights as an Admin but they can also delete the project.
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