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Sharing a project

Projects in a workspace are shared with all of its members by default, respecting their access levels. The primary way of collaborating with the rest of the team is to add them as workspace members. That way they can discover and contribute to any of the existing projects, or create new ones for others to see.

In certain situations, you may prefer to change the sharing settings for a single project, for example:

  • You are working with an external contributor
  • You are working in a smaller group and the rest of the workspace shouldn't be able to see it
  • You want to make the project easy to access for anyone with a link

How to share a project

You can change the sharing settings of the project by clicking the Share button in the top right-hand corner.

Screenshot 2022-10-27 at 15.54.11.png
  • Share with individual users. You can share a project with existing workspace members using their name, or anybody else using their email. In both cases, they will receive an email invitation to the project. In case the person is not a Deepnote user yet, they will need to sign up using the same email to access the project.
  • Share a link. When you pick an access level for link sharing, anyone with that link will be able to access it. Your audience will be able to read the project without creating an account, but they will need to sign up to execute blocks.
  • Private projects. You can restrict access for other workspace members by changing the access level next to Members at Your Workspace. You can then increase it for specific users by adding them to the project individually.
    • Setting this option to No access will move the project to your Private projects, and vice versa – moving the project to Private will update this sharing option.

Project access levels

Grant fine-grained permissions to control how your invitees can use the project.

  • Those with App User access can use the published app, but cannot view the project source code.
  • Those with View access can inspect everything in the project, but cannot view or post comments, edit content, change datasets or terminals, execute cells or manage the sharing settings.
  • Those with Comment access can view and post comments in addition to viewing, but cannot edit content, change datasets or terminals, execute cells or manage the sharing settings.
  • Those with Execute access can execute code in addition to viewing and commenting. Execute access will not allow you to edit content, add connections, add terminals, change hardware or manage the sharing settings.
  • Those with Edit access can do anything except managing the sharing settings or deleting the project. This means that you will not be able to invite new members or turn on/off the link sharing.
  • Those with Full access access can do anything, including managing the sharing settings and deleting the project.

Projects shared with me

You can navigate to a project that was shared with you by opening the workspace in which the project lives. The workspace will show up in the switcher in the top left corner.