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Deepnote AI

Use the power of Deepnote AI to generate, edit and explain code.

Deepnote AI is designed to make your data work more efficient and productive. Ask questions in plain language, and Deepnote AI will craft or revise code according to your instructions. It can also provide concise explanations for complex pieces of code, enhancing your understanding. Whether you’re a Python pro or a coding beginner, Deepnote AI assists you every step of the way to gain the insights you need.

Enabling Deepnote AI

To make use of Deepnote AI, you must enable this feature in your workspace. Navigate to Settings & Members and click on Project settings. With Deepnote AI turned on, every editor and admin user in your workspace will gain access to features like code generation, editing, and explanation.

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We're always looking to improve Deepnote AI, and your feedback is invaluable! The easiest way to leave feedback on the quality of Deepnote AI's outputs is by giving a thumbs up/down when you're reviewing the AI-generated blocks. If a particular output didn't work for you, just press 👎 and you will be able to share more context about it in a survey window. The more details you put in here, the better we can act upon it to make it better for you!

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You can also share your ideas and suggestions about Deepnote AI on our Product Portal.

If you want to be directly involved in shaping the future of Deepnote AI, we're seeking research partners for our upcoming AI projects. To chat more, please book a time with our product team via this link.