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Chart blocks


Chart blocks

No-code charts for fast exploratory analysis

In addition to the usual code and Markdown blocks, Deepnote also provides chart blocks. Chart blocks allow you to create charts from Pandas DataFrames without using code. They are perfect for fast exploratory analysis, or for those who are not familiar with how to make charts using Python code.

Chart blocks only work for Python notebooks

How to create a chart block

There are two ways to create a chart block:

  1. Click on the visualize button seen in the upper right-hand corner of the displayed DataFrame.

2. Click on the + Block button and then click on Chart.

How to change the type of chart

You can change the type of chart that is displayed from the left-hand side of the chart block. We have the following so-called "mark types" (geometries) to choose from: bar, line, area, and point:

How to change the x and y axis

You can change both the x and y axis on the left-hand side of the chart block. Changing either one will refresh the chart's visuals accordingly.

Under the hood

Chart blocks provide a simple UI built on top of Vega-Lite. For more information, check out the Vega-Lite and Altair docs (Altair is a Python API for Vega-Lite).

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