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App & notebook usage insights

Understanding user interactions with your content is crucial for improving engagement and overall performance.

Analytics provide insights into the usage of your notebooks and apps, allowing you to track the most successful ones or identify those that are no longer in use and can be safely removed. You can also use the analytics to check the executions of the apps, which can help you justify hardware costs.

Available data

  • Notebook viewers
  • App viewers
  • App executors

The displayed time corresponds to when the user first opened a notebook or an app, not when they closed it. An anonymous user is tracked only once per session. If you see multiple anonymous users, it means there are multiple anonymous users with different sessions who opened your app or notebook.

Viewing analytics

The analytics can be accessed from multiple places:

  • Right-click on the notebook in the left sidebar and select View analytics.
  • Click on the three-dot icon in the left corner of the project top bar and select View analytics.
  • If the notebook is published as an app click on View analytics in the blue ribbon at the top of the notebook or in the right sidebar when the app settings are opened.