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Deepnote now supports a first-class built-in integration with Materialize. Materialize is an operational data warehouse that shines for use cases where an analytical data warehouse would be too slow, and a stream processor would be too complicated.

Using SQL and your bare hands, Materialize allows you to build real-time automation, engaging customer experiences, and interactive data products that drive value for your business while reducing the cost of data freshness.

If you need to speed up queries that run frequently, or trigger actions as soon as events happen, Materialize can help. Rather than recalculate results from scratch, or serve stale cached results, Materialize continually ingests data and keeps results up-to-date as new data arrives.


Add a Materialize integration from the sidebar, and simply fill in your connection info. You may now use supported Postgres functionality of Materialize from Python or Deepnote's SQL Blocks

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Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 11.36.37.png

Materialize documentation

You may find information about compatibilities and advanced usage of Materialize in their documentation.