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Code completion

Boost your efficiency with real-time code suggestions powered by Deepnote AI.

Enhance productivity and streamline your workflow by leveraging the power of our for context-aware code suggestions and completions as you type, powered by Codeium. Whether you are cleaning data, crafting complex algorithms, or fine-tuning a machine learning model, our code completion is designed to assist you, cutting back on the monotony of writing repetitive code and speeding up your coding process.

Enabling code completion

In order to take advantage of code completions, you need to have this feature enabled for your workspace. Go to Settings & Members and click on Project settings. When Deepnote AI code completion is turned on, every editor and admin user in the workspace will see code completions displayed in all of the projects.

project setting.png

Toggling code completion for individual users

If you prefer to disable code completion for yourself only, you can do so in the block actions menu:

CleanShot 2023-12-12 at 16.53.04@2x.png

This will affect code completions in all your notebooks, but other workspace members will be unaffected.

Working with completions

Once it's enabled, you can see code suggestions appearing real-time as you type in code or SQL blocks. You can accept suggestions by pressing Tab.

Suggestions are context-aware: the content in previous code and text blocks in the notebook will be taken into account to provide more relevant suggestions. You can try to prompt code suggestions by providing a textual description of what you want to achieve. You can put that in a text block or in a comment in the code as well.

Suggestions work in SQL blocks as well. Similarly to Python code, SQL query completions also utilize your notebook as context, along with any relevant SQL blocks using the same integration in other notebooks within your workspace. This means that the more details you have in your notebook and the more work you do with the given data source, the more relevant the suggestions will become.

Watch it all come together in our 3-minute demo below.