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Code intelligence

Deepnote comes with code intelligence tools that are common in traditional IDEs. As you write code, we make it easy for you to focus on the problem at hand rather than having to memorize function signatures and other code-specific details.


As you type, we show you the relevant functions, methods, and defined variables. You can also trigger the autocomplete any time by hitting 'Tab' key.

Function documentation and parameter names

When you hover over a function, we surface its documentation if it is provided by the associated module. In addition, while filling out function parameters, you will see hints for the parameters you'll need. You can also trigger these hints by hitting 'Shift+Tab'.

Go-to definitions

By clicking Cmd+click (or Ctrl+Click) on function (or a variable), you are taken directly to its definition. Also, when you hover over a symbol while pressing Cmd (or Ctrl), we will give you a preview of its definition.