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Deepnote is a notebook that brings teams together to explore, analyze, and present data across your organization. It’s Jupyter-compatible with real-time collaboration and runs securely in the cloud.

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An exploratory analysis in Deepnote notebook

Built for teams of any size

A showcased company

Our work is highly R&D focused. Machine learning is a very empirical discipline so iteration speed is everything - working in Deepnote is like code-review and rapid prototyping at the same time, saving valuable time in the iteration cycles. But as opposed to code review via Github, you have direct access to the runtime and program state which makes understanding complex models much easier and leads to much more spontaneous creative ideas.

Testimonial avatar Luca Naef
Luca Naef
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A showcased company

We are developing, testing, and improving course materials for teaching statistics and data science, both in colleges and in high schools. All of our lesson plans are created as notebooks. Deepnote makes it possible for our team - researchers, curriculum developers, instructors - to collaborate on the continuous improvement of these notebooks.

Jim Stigler
Professor at UCLA & Co-Founder of CourseKata
A showcased company

One of the challenges of building a data-driven company is finding a suitable framework to democratize data. With batteries included, Deepnote redefined how we adopt information; it's a game-changer experience.

Testimonial avatar Franccesco Orozco
Franccesco Orozco
Chief Data Officer at Traction Tools
A showcased company

Deepnote allowed us to gradually experiment with collaboration at little cost, and slowly scale our collaborative workflows. Ultimately, it has made a huge difference for collaboration in our team - it's night and day. There's before Deepnote and after Deepnote time.

Hedge fund
Lead Engineer at a Hedge Fund (anonymized)
A showcased company

Building data pipelines and machine learning models in the remote work era is very painful when you have to work via Zoom call looking at a regular Jupyter notebook with colleagues. With Deepnote, building code collaboratively has never so easy and efficient. We have made Deepnote a fundamental part of our MLops cycle as we transform rapidly a piece of code from notebooks into production.

Testimonial avatar Francisco Camacho
Francisco Camacho
Data Scientist at Platzi
A showcased company

We work with data most of the time: researching our BCI data, performing market analyses and more. Typically it requires collaboration, and Deepnote is the tool for collaborative working with data in the most convenient way.

Testimonial avatar Denis Shilov
Denis Shilov
CEO at Facel
A showcased company

We'd had a lot of technical issues when trying to pair up on a Jupyter notebook remotely. Deepnote is incredibly easy to set up and allows us to start new notebooks in seconds.

Testimonial avatar Becca Carter
Becca Carter
Data Scientist & Product Analytics lead at Gusto
A showcased company

At Tracked, we're reinventing how analytics is taught. Deepnote has helped us bridge one of our teaching gaps through a scalable virtual environment. Regardless of OS, our students face no difficulties spinning up their environments enabling our Guides to leave real-time comments that allow for a more personalised approach to education in a Post-COVID world.

Testimonial avatar Chris Hui
Chris Hui
Director of Product at Tracked
A showcased company

Deepnote makes it easy for our team to collaborate and share work on projects. Our Insights team use Python notebooks in Deepnote for data collection, processing, and advanced analytics. The cloud-based setup and integrations have made our workflows much smoother and efficient.

Testimonial avatar Thomas Kellermann
Thomas Kellermann
Head of Insights at Vertic

Move faster with collaboration

Data teams don’t work alone. Click on a link to jump into any project and see in real-time what everyone is up to.

Deepnote showcasing real-time collaboration in a notebook

Work together both real-time & asynchronously

Discuss and debug code with your team in real-time, or take it offline and review the work of others by commenting on code and visualizations. No more back-and-forth and out-of-sync files over emails and Slack.

Deepnote showing the versioning, history and review of a notebook

See history, track changes

See all changes that happen within your notebook and who makes them, compare different versions of your projects and revert to previous versions of your team's work.

Shared notebooks & shared data

Deepnote showcasing the ability to give our different permissions

Share your work easily

Share your project with anyone as a notebook, article or an interactive app in one click. With granular access permissions, you decide who can edit code and who can view it. No setup required.

Deepnote showcasing different integrations like Google Drive, Snowflake, PostgreSQL

Integrate with everything

Deepnote plays flawlessly with your existing infrastructure and processes. Tap into our native integrations with GitHub, Google Drive, BigQuery (and 100s more) and connect to your workspace's data sources from within the notebook. All integrations are encrypted and can be easily shared with your team. No exposed passwords in your notebooks.

Your team's data workspace

Deepnote showing the organization of workspace projects

Keep your team organized

Turn your team's knowledge and data into easy-to-find answers. Deepnote allows you to organize your workspace and knowledge in one place. Discover the work of others', categorize your projects, build templates that can be easily duplicated, get a quick overview of running projects and more.

Three separated Deepnote projects with different environments which are completely separate for spotless reproducibility

Reproducible results

No more broken pip installs or mismatched requirements. Ensure reproducibility across your workspace by re-using the same environments throughout your projects. Create custom environments within Deepnote or import existing ones from Dockerhub, GCR, and ECR.

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