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We are explorers

We started Deepnote to solve the most difficult problems in data science. But in order to do that, we don't just need better algorithms, bigger datasets, and more computing power. We need powerful tools that help us explore, reason, and collaborate.
These tools do not exist yet. We need to invent them first.

Data science is hard. And the tools we use are not as helpful as they could be. We perfected the tools which help us get from a prototype to production. Tools which help us get from a well-defined problem to a well-defined solution. But data science work is different. Data scientists are explorers.

As data scientists, we explore data, we search for patterns, we discover outliers. We train models that help us make faster and better decisions. We answer difficult questions. That’s what we’re good at. But none of the tools we use today were built for this purpose.

We need tools that are both powerful and easy to use. Tools that make us more efficient and don’t stand in our way. Tools that help us collaborate and share our findings. Tools that help us handle complex problems. Tools that scale as our teams grow.

We are building tools for explorers. Join us.

Switchboard operatorIvan Sutherland

We are a small team of people excited about reinventing tools for data exploration from first principles. In the past, we built tools and infrastructure at companies like Mozilla, Google, Palantir, and Amazon.

Our company and all our communication is remote-first. But we also love to hang out together, most often in our beautiful offices in Prague and San Francisco and at incredibly fun off-sites.

We are makers. We use state-of-the-art tools and work in a fully transparent environment. No politics, no walls. We own our decisions and we love written communication.

You’ll have full visibility and unrestricted access to all the information to learn and to make decisions. You’ll own part of the company to see the results of your decisions.

We are not alone. We have been joined by some of the world’s best investors who believe in our mission. Including Y Combinator Y Combinator, Index Ventures Index, Accel Accel, Elad Gil, Naval Ravikant, and others.

We’ll take care of everything you need like competitive salary, equity, health insurance, paid vacation, or latest hardware to let you focus on doing your best work.

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Open positions

Thousands of people use Deepnote with their teams, companies, and universities, but we are still only scratching the surface of what's possible. We’re building the core team and we're looking for kind and curious people who are ready to take ownership of big projects and grow with us.

Or tell us how you can contribute at work@deepnote.com