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The notebook you’ll love to use

Deepnote is a new kind of data science notebook. Jupyter-compatible with real-time collaboration and running in the cloud. Oh, and it's free.

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Used by data scientists from

  • Stanford University
  • ByteDance
  • Lyft
  • SuperScale
  • NASA
  • Harvard University

Collaboration done better

We built Deepnote because data scientists don’t work alone. Reviewing other notebooks, presenting your work to colleagues, or handing over your models to an engineering team shouldn’t be painful.
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Real-time collaboration
Discuss and debug your models with your colleagues and see what everyone does in real-time.
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Coming soon
Track changes to your notebooks over time and always know who implemented them with blame tools.
Code review
Coming soon
Have your colleagues review your models and results, track their comments and notify them when you change your code.
Fully reproducible
Coming soon
Deepnote is a standardized environment where you can add more dependencies. Your work can be reproduced by anyone.
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Main features

Making you more productive

Deepnote increases your productivity even when you are working by yourself, whether you are exploring and cleansing your data or building ML models.
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Variables & better plots
See the internal state of your program at a glance with variable explorer and make discovering patterns in your data easier with interactive plots.
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Code intelligence
Develop faster with intelligent autocomplete and let configurable linting tools point out bugs before they break your long training jobs.
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Shortcuts & Command palette
Browse your files and access all Deepnote features without lifting your hands from the keyboard with Command Palette.
Dashboards or APIs
Coming soon
Turn your notebooks or individual cells into an interactive dashboard that’s always up to date. You can share it with anyone.
Looking for more? Be sure to check out our documentation ->

Deepnote loves to work with other services

Deepnote integrates with your existing infrastructure and the workflows you like. Working with your datasets is easy and secure.

Attach a public or a private repository to your project. Read data from any branch or commit and keep your notebooks in sync.
S3 and GCS buckets
Attach a public or a private bucket into your project. You will be able to read, edit and upload files to the bucket.
Connect to a Spark cluster and run jobs directly from Deepnote.
PostgreSQL connection
Connect securely to a Postgres database without leaking credentials and run SQL queries in an intuitive interface.
Google BigQuery
Connect to your BigQuery warehouse and query the data in an intuitive interface.
Missing a service?
We are constantly working on integrating more services. Let us know if the one you’re looking for is missing.

See how popular Python projects use Deepnote

You can create a Deepnote launch button for any of your Python repositories. The a look at how to launch your project in Deepnote.

Making data scientists more productive

Whether you’re a team of one or a company, start for free. Upgrade to enable advanced machines and workflows.


For beginners, hobbyists, and data science side projects.

  • checkedStandard machine

    Each month you get up to 750 compute hours for free (after completing the onboarding tasks). That means running one project non-stop, or you can split it among multiple projects.

    The Standard machine has 5GB of disk space available.

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  • checkedUp to 3 collaborators
  • checkedPrivate integrations


For teams and start-ups to collaborate on notebooks and experiments.

$12per editor
per month
  • checkedUnlimited Standard machine

    Each month you get 750 compute hours for each editor. That means running one project non-stop, or you can split it among multiple projects.

    The Standard machine has 5GB of disk space available.

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  • checkedPay-per-use Pro machines

    Multiple hardware options for bigger projects, billed by the minute.

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  • checkedUnlimited collaborators
  • checkedTeam integrations
Free plans for students and teachers


Custom solution for multiple teams & departments with dedicated support.

All benefits of Team and:

  • checkedCustom, dedicated machines
  • checkedAccount management
  • checkedAccess control and audit logs
  • checkedDedicated support
  • coming soonOn-prem deployments

    Ability to run Deepnote in your own cloud is coming soon.

Get in touch to book a demo and see how Deepnote fits into your existing data science stack.

Your data is always safe and secure. Deepnote is based on open standards so you can take your work anywhere anytime.
Have questions? Take a look into our documentation.