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Work with others real time or asynchronously by leaving comments for your collaborators.

In Deepnote, you can work with others real time, or asynchronously by leaving comments for your collaborators, available now in both notebooks and apps.

Open the Comments sidebar by clicking on the Comments icon in the top menu on the right side.

Add a comment

To add a comment, click on the manilla colored comment button in the upper right-hand corner of a block. Type your comment and hit Post.

Edit or delete a comment

To edit or delete a comment click on the comment and clickEdit or Delete.

Resolve or unresolve threads

Once you comment on a thread, you will be subscribed to that thread and get updates via email. When a discussion is finished, you can close or open a thread by clicking "resolve" or "unresolve", respectively.

In the Comments sidebar, use the toggle switches to search through previous resolved and unresolved comments. Clicking on a comment will take you to the associated block in the notebook.

Add a mention in comment

Tag a collaborator in a comment by typing '@' and choosing them from the list. They will receive an update via email.

Add a mention in notebook

Tag a collaborator or stakeholder in the rich text of the notebook which will also send an email update.