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Data privacy

Learn how Deepnote AI processes data securely, providing granular privacy controls.

How is your data processed?

Deepnote AI processes the content and metadata of the notebook via its partner LLM providers (OpenAI and Codeium). This data can include code, text, metadata of variables (column names) within the notebook and your database schema for SQL AI.

What about outputs?

You have the option to control whether you would like to share the outputs of block executions with OpenAI. If you turn on the 'Provide access to block outputs' switch, Deepnote AI will be able to read the outputs in your notebook, greatly enhancing the relevance of its suggestions.

deepnote ai outputs setting.png

Where is your data stored?

The context sent can be processed in the US and worldwide. OpenAI may keep the context data for up to 30 days for safety monitoring purposes, after which it's automatically deleted. See more details here. Data processed by Codeium for real-time code suggestions is not stored at all.

Working on sensitive projects?

If you're working on a sensitive project and have concerns about processing any code, text or data through LLMs, admins can disable Deepnote AI in Settings & MembersProject settings. This will prevent any data from being sent for processing and Deepnote AI features won't be available in your workspace.