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Billing alerts and limits

Deepnote offers a simple mechanism to keep the costs for pay-as-you-go machines predictable and under control.

Billing alerts


You can set up a billing alert in the Billing & usage section of the workspace settings. The dollar limit will apply for calendar months, which are the billing period for the pay-as-you-go machines. When the alert limit is reached, all admins in the workspace will receive an email notification.

The usage data is guaranteed to be correct to 30 minutes. It is possible that at the time the email is sent, the real charges are actually higher. The upper bound of the difference should be 30 minutes of whatever pay-as-you-go machines are running in that moment.

Controlling the use of pay-as-you-go machines


By default, the editors and admins in the workspace can pick stronger pay-as-you-go machines for their projects. This enables them to complete more complex analysis on larger datasets.

If you need to make sure to stay in your budget, you can choose to disable the pay-as-you-go machines in the Billing & usage section of the workspace settings. Changing the setting will immediately:

  • Stop any running projects with stronger machine settings, and change them to use Basic machines on the next start
  • Disable the options for pay-as-you-go machines in the project settings

Be careful – enabling the option may interrupt the work of your colleagues.

Setting billing limits

If you want to set a limit for your charges, we recommend you set a billing alert for that amount. When you receive the notification, you can follow the link the email and disable the pay-as-you-go machines in your workspace.