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Workspace and Team Permissions


Workspace and Team Permissions

In your Personal Workspace, your projects are only visible to you by default. However, you can create a Team Workspace which allows you to share projects (and their resources) with a team. team members can have varying levels of permissions. These permissions apply to all projects within the team's workspace.

To set permissions for team members, click "Settings and Members" in the left sidebar under the team workspace.


Levels of access

Team members can be given the following levels of access within a workspace:

  • Viewer:
    • Viewers can see all projects and members of a team.
    • They can leave comments in projects but can't make any changes.
    • Note that Viewers can Duplicate a project to their Personal Workspace as well as request additional access from the team's owner. When duplicating a project from a team to the user's Personal Workspace, custom environments and integrations are not preserved, and vice versa.
  • User: Users can execute all notebooks within the team as well as change input cell values. They cannot make changes to code.
  • Editor: Editors can create and edit team projects. Members can also connect or disconnect team integrations from projects but they can't edit or create them.
  • Admin: Admins have all access rights. In addition, they have permission to manage team members and team integrations.


How do I prevent certain members from seeing one of the team projects?

To share a project only with certain workspace members, change the team's project access from Full access to No access. This will make the project only visible to you. It will show up in your workspace as a Private project. If you would like certain workspace members to have access, you can add them as guests.

Private projects still have access to the team's resources, such as integrations and machine hours. Note that only Editors and Admins can create private projects.

How do I make a project read only for the whole team?

From within a project, you can set the team permissions to View in "one fell swoop" . Note that Admins will always be able to edit projects. If the option is set to "Full access" then all members of a team will follow their respective roles according to the Team Workspace settings.

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