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If you need additional help, there are several ways to get it.

1. Self-serve

Deepnote AI

Deepnote has powerful AI features which might solve the problem for you! It can generate blocks of code, or suggest fixes.


ChatGPT is a great resource for riffing on solving high-level challenges.


Googling is second nature to seasoned data scientists, perhaps not so much for beginners. Try searching the error message you're getting, or what you want to achieve.

2. We're here to help

Support chat

Look for a question mark in the bottom right corner.

While we do our best to reply promptly, we do also love our sleep. We will likely be able to reply to you within a few hours to a few days if you reach out to us via our support chat.

Joint Slack channel

If you are on an Enterprise plan, look for Deepnote among your channels – there's a good chance it's already there!


You can also reach us at