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Experience the possibilities of Deepnote through the Github Student Developer Pack

By Deepnote team

Updated on September 29, 2023

The Github Student Developer Pack gives students hands-on experience with data science and machine learning projects through its partnership with Deepnote.

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Are you a student looking for hands-on resources to develop your data science and machine learning skills?

In the spirit of this back to school season, we have an exciting (and free!) way for students to take advantage of Deepnote’s collaborative features for data science projects.

For students with existing GitHub accounts, you can access Deepnote’s free Education plan by visiting your GitHub Student Developer Pack.

Github will automatically verify your eligibility and link your Github account and new Deepnote account together so that you can have access to all Deepnote features and the ability to invite and collaborate with an unlimited amount of educators and students.


Here’s what other students have to say about their experiences using Deepnote:

"Collaboration as a whole is better in Deepnote. It’s a smooth process when multiple people want to work on different cells in the same document. Deepnote is also great for EDA because you can immediately see a brief summary of your features, aggregate statistics, and visualizations when you import your data." -Josh Chandiramani, student at UC Berkeley and President of Big Data at Berkeley
“I saw Deepnote as a substitute for Google Colab because Colab doesn’t have the real-time ability to work off the same notebook. I recommended Deepnote to people who were working on portfolio projects that they wanted to present because of the built-in community and publishing features. We also used Deepnote to create teaching materials for data science newcomers that they could easily download as lesson templates.” - Marlon Fu, former student at UC Berkeley and President of Data Science Society at Berkeley

Try Deepnote & Github today!

We’re so excited to partner with Github to bring Deepnote’s secure, scalable, and collaborative notebook experience to students and educators. Get started building your real-world data science skills by signing up through your Github Student Developer Pack today. Need help? Check out the documentation, or ping us in the Deepnote community.


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Beyond AI chatbots: how we tripled engagement with Deepnote AI

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Updated on April 3, 2024

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