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August 17, 2023

AI Copilot in SQL blocks

sql AI copilotdos (1).png

Deepnote's AI Copilot just got a major boost! With added support for SQL and an improved understanding of your project's variables, it's ready to take on more of your coding tasks.

SQL support

AI Copilot now makes writing queries against your database or data warehouse even easier with new SQL completions. By pulling context from your notebook's content and relevant SQL blocks from across your workspace, it aligns suggestions with your SQL flavour and schema. And if you're working with DataFrame SQL blocks, it helps there too, smoothing the switch between Python and SQL. It's all about making your coding a bit more fluid across both languages.

2023-08-15 15.32.02 (1).gif

Runtime variables as context

We've brought variable explorer content into the context shared with the AI Copilot. Now it recognizes variable and column names, which means more accurate and relevant suggestions when you're working with existing variables. No more guessing or double-checking variable names; this change helps you work faster and with more confidence in your ongoing projects.

2023-08-15 16.55.37 (1).gif



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