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November 30, 2023

Reduced machine prices & faster notebooks


Reduced machine prices

We’re giving the gift of a faster, cheaper Deepnote for the holidays.

As you may have already heard, starting December 1, we're slashing the pay-as-you-go rates across all our machines – making them more budget-friendly without any hidden terms. These new rates will be applied to all current and new paying workspaces going forward.

This means you can effortlessly upgrade to more powerful machines for all your data projects without dipping into your holiday gift budget!


Supercharged notebook loading

You may have already noticed your projects are loading way faster than before. This is no mistake—we’ve decreased the time from opening your Deepnote project to seeing the notebook contents by up to 10x, thanks to our new backend data loading system.

This will enable you to quickly dive into multiple projects across your workspace and seamlessly switch between them to ultimately be able to leverage Deepnote as a knowledge base.

Together, these new additions mean less loading time and more time for what’s important—your data work.

We hope you enjoy your faster notebooks on more powerful machines soon, and stay tuned for more exciting updates!



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