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December 21, 2023

BigQuery schema browser improvements & more flexible AI copilot

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Multi-project schema explorer for BigQuery

If you’re a power user of our BigQuery integration, you’ve probably taken advantage of the schema explorer to query data from multiple projects in your warehouse using Deepnote.

That process just became even easier with our new multi-project schema explorer for BigQuery, which gives you a high-level exploration of multiple projects at a time and the columns within them, all from one convenient side panel view within your notebook.

With a more unified view of all your BigQuery data, you’re now ready to tackle multiple projects with less set up time and context switching.


AI Copilot toggle

Maintain total control over the working environment within your notebook with the new AI Copilot toggle. If you’d prefer to kick off your code and queries without any AI assistance, easily disable Copilot with a flip of a switch.

This new feature is a persistent user setting, meaning once you turn it off, you disable it for yourself for all projects. Need to turn Copilot back on later on? Simply toggle it back on and it stays on for you.


Faster HTML cell outputs

Spend less time waiting for your charts to spin up and more time on the parts of your workflow that actually matter.

It’s no secret Deepnote supports your exploratory programming needs with the power of interactive visualizations, whether that’s through code or no-code chart blocks. If you prefer using code to build your visualizations through HTML-based libraries like Plotly, your plots will now load with lightning speeds.

We hope these updates bring you faster data exploration and workflows more tailored to your data needs in the new year. Rest assured, we have plenty more updates in store for you in 2024, so stay tuned!



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