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February 8, 2024

Faster apps and new AI UI


Lightning-fast apps

We’ve added some more improvements to the app experience that you won’t want to miss. Apps now stay active for longer, meaning you can step away, do your thing and pick back up where you left off without the executor shutting off the app. Now, the app executor keeps running until the user closes the app's browser window, or if the app has been idle for more than 10 minutes.

You’ll also start to notice Deepnote apps now load significantly faster when you turn on the “Allow reactivity” toggle in your app settings. With this new setting, your app will no longer execute all the contents from top to bottom with every input adjustment like it used to. Instead, only the contents that depend on your changed inputs will be recalculated, making for lightning-fast app interactions. Watch it in action in this video.

We’re launching this same reactivity in notebooks soon, so send us a note if you want to be part of the private beta!

AI front and center

Collaborating with Deepnote AI on your analyses is now a seamless experience thanks to a host of UI updates and new powerful interactions.

Convenient new shortcuts make accessing the new UI a breeze. Use cmd + shift + i to ask the AI for an explanation of any block of code, and cmd + shift + e to edit the code.


Intuitive prompting means your AI collaborator can guess your next move. The UI defaults to edit mode when you’re accessing it in a block with existing code, but generate mode in an empty block.

More space for your AI prompts. The new UI is now front and center so you can start writing your prompt right away, but you can still easily see your notebook contents behind the prompt window with the new Peek Behind UI toggle.


New powerful Auto AI interactions. When leveraging Auto AI to generate and run multiple blocks in your notebook, you now have new commands that enable you to iteratively fine-tune the AI’s output with just a push of a button:

  • Run code allows you to check the results of the AI’s suggestions before you accept or reject them
  • Regenerate gives you the power to restart AI generation with the same prompt if you aren’t happy with the AI’s first suggestion
  • Delete allows you to reject the AI’s results and edit your prompt until the code is generated to your liking.

We hope you enjoy your faster apps and the enhanced AI experience, and stay tuned for more exciting updates to come!



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