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February 22, 2024

Stronger GPU hardware and visual revamp of charts

GPU & Chart colors.png

More powerful machines now available

We’re welcoming a new, more powerful machine to our cloud-based hardware options. When navigating to the machines menu in the Environment pane, you’ll notice a new GPU hardware, which includes the heavy-duty graphics card Nvidia V100 offering 64 GB of RAM and 8 vCPUs.

This stronger machine is currently only available as a pay-as-you-go hardware, which enables uninterrupted execution of code in your most complex analyses, on your largest datasets.


A brand new aesthetic for chart blocks

Your Deepnote notebooks and apps now have a much more polished look and feel. Our latest visual update includes new color schemes for chart blocks, including new categorical and continuous color palettes.


In addition to new color palettes, you might also notice updated layouts, spacing and fonts applied to your charts, making for a sleeker visualization experience in Deepnote. With these visual changes, we’re setting the stage for even bigger changes to come to chart blocks soon—including new chart types and AI-powered charts, so stay tuned!



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