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June 29, 2023

Deepnote AI: ChatGPT for your notebook

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Introducing Deepnote AI

Transform your coding process with Deepnote AI’s smart conversational features. Whether you’re a Python pro or a coding beginner, Deepnote AI assists you every step of the way to gain the insights you need. It's like having a coding expert on your team, always ready to help with your project.

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Ask questions in natural language, and Deepnote AI will craft code according to your instructions. (4).gif

Need to revise your code, refactor it, or make it more readable? Simply ask Deepnote AI and it will help edit any existing code. (5).gif

Don't let complex pieces of code baffle you anymore. With Deepnote AI at your service, gain concise, easy-to-understand explanations to accelerate your learning. (6).gif
A recap from last week…

Last time, we introduced Deepnote AI Copilot, bringing you lightning-fast and context-aware code suggestions as you type. Together with Deepnote AI's new conversational features, they form a dynamic AI toolkit, specifically designed to streamline your entire data workflow.

These two features work together and complement each other adapting to your project's unique requirements and the level of AI assistance you need. Employ Deepnote AI when you need a strong start or assistance with specific problems or code adjustments. Concurrently, as you delve into Deepnote AI's suggestions, AI Copilot remains ready to fill in any gaps, ensuring your efficiency remains at an all-time high.



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