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March 14, 2024

SQL auto formatting, always-on AI UI and prompt suggestions

SQL Auto-format, Prompt suggestions.png

Code formatting for SQL blocks

Instantly tidy up your SQL code using the new auto-formatting feature for SQL blocks.

Available through the command palette, block actions menu, or as a keyboard shortcut (option+shift+F for Mac orAlt+Shift+F Windows / Linux), the SQL formatter makes querying your data in Deepnote feel like second nature.

SQL formatting.gif

AI front and center, always

Deepnote AI is now immediately ready to assist at every step of your analyses in Deepnote. With the AI prompt box now always visible at the bottom of your notebook, you no longer have to hunt for the AI button to unlock the power of Deepnote AI.

This update to the AI UI is part of a series of changes we’ve added in recent weeks to make Deepnote an AI-first notebook, which brings us to one more AI update…

AI prompt suggestions

The power of an AI coding assistant is only as good as the prompt you give it. We’re no stranger to stumbling upon writers’ (or coders’) block during the prompting process, so we’ve introduced prompt suggestions to make the Deepnote AI experience even more seamless.

Whether you need fresh ideas during your data exploration process, a way of saving time and keystrokes, or just more assistance from Deepnote AI, prompt suggestions will have your back from beginning to end of your Deepnote projects.

Prompt suggestions.gif

Check out our updated docs to read more about the latest and greatest AI features!



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