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August 17, 2023

AI Copilot in SQL blocks

sql AI copilotdos (1).png

Deepnote's AI Copilot just got a major boost! With added support for SQL and an improved understanding of your project's variables, it's ready to take on more of your coding tasks.

SQL support

AI Copilot now makes writing queries against your database or data warehouse even easier with new SQL completions. By pulling context from your notebook's content and relevant SQL blocks from across your workspace, it aligns suggestions with your SQL flavour and schema. And if you're working with DataFrame SQL blocks, it helps there too, smoothing the switch between Python and SQL. It's all about making your coding a bit more fluid across both languages.

2023-08-15 15.32.02 (1).gif

Runtime variables as context

We've brought variable explorer content into the context shared with the AI Copilot. Now it recognizes variable and column names, which means more accurate and relevant suggestions when you're working with existing variables. No more guessing or double-checking variable names; this change helps you work faster and with more confidence in your ongoing projects.

2023-08-15 16.55.37 (1).gif

Introducing Deepnote apps

Turn your notebooks into apps

Some analyses are best presented with the journey to get there, while others call for a more polished interface. You may wish to hide some code blocks so they don’t distract from the story you are trying to tell, or parametrize the notebook with a couple of inputs so your audience knows which knobs to turn. With Deepnote, you can now create stunning apps that will impress your CEO.

Published apps just got a lot more powerful

Apps now execute within your projects providing support for all environment options you are used to. You can use stronger machines for more compute or RAM, install additional packages or use custom Docker environments.

Improved layout options with columns

Arrange blocks in your notebooks into multiple columns with drag-and-drop. This allows you to create a beautiful and organized notebook layouts that will be immediately reflected in your app. You can also make the apps full-width to showcase charts on larger screens. The possibilities are endless.

Read more in docs →

Next steps

Your existing dashboards will continue to function for the next 6 months without any changes. When you open the projects, Deepnote will guide you through the transition process, typically by creating a copy of the published notebook. In some cases, automatic conversion of dashboards may be possible, but others may require your review.

Stay tuned for more improvements to apps! The next big one we are working on are comments in apps.

Streamlined project view & autonomous AI sneak-peek

Welcome the new layout

We've been hard at work lately, putting your feedback into action, and we're excited to show a reimagined Deepnote navigation and workspace access. This isn't just a tune-up, we've rethought the whole experience to better serve you.

Now, your project view is crisp and clean, with a single sidebar on the left showcasing all your notebooks, files, and integrations. You can easily access what the rest of your team is working on and browse other projects by clicking the top left menu icon. But, rather than describing in-length all the details of what changed, we're more excited to hear your thoughts after you've given the new look a try. To share your feedback, all you need to do is click the in-app question mark in the bottom right.

And there’s more!

  • Drag to resize the sidebars, or drag them all the way to the side to hide them. You can also press Ctrl + .(⌘ + . on Apple devices) to hide the UI.
  • Quickly search and jump between projects by hitting Ctrl + K (⌘ + K on Apple devices). You can even easily search any kind of text and we will look it up for you in project’s code or text.
screenshot23 (1).png
From earlier: Autonomous Deepnote AI in development

We are working on an exciting AI update - an autonomous AI assistant.

You can give Deepnote AI a goal, and it will work in our notebooks, writing code, running it, looking at the results, and continuing based on what are the results. This turns out to be extremely powerful, similar to ChatGPT code interpreter. As an added bonus, all the code and explanations persist in the notebook for you to review, tweak, and share with colleagues.

We’ll be shipping this feature soon, with priority access given to our Team and Enterprise customers.

Check out the demo video

Faster notebook startup & images in notebooks

Faster and simpler notebook initialization

We are excited to announce a significant improvement to Initialization (’Init’) notebooks - the special configuration notebooks that automatically execute each time you start your project, allowing you to set up your preferred environment effortlessly.

In our latest update, we have made the 'Init' notebooks more transparent and user-friendly. Previously operating behind the scenes, we have now given them more prominence in our UI, making it easier for you to configure and manage them.

One of the key changes is that we no longer automatically create an initialization notebook for new projects by default. This means that projects not relying on custom environments will now start up much quicker than before!

Creating an ‘Init’ notebook is a breeze. Simply navigate to your project's Environment section in the project sidebar, click on the settings icon, and then press the Create an initialization notebook button. Alternatively, you can also create a new notebook by clicking the plus button in your Notebook list and naming it 'Init'.

Once created, the 'Init' notebook will be conveniently located at the top of your Notebook list, ensuring easy access and quick configuration for your projects.

Read more in docs -> (7) (1).gif
Image blocks

Deepnote now natively supports images in the notebook editor, supercharging your storytelling capabilities. Simply drag and drop an image to the notebook, or upload it to files and hit Add as an Image block in the file right click menu. This is supported for .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .svg and .webp files.

You can also adjust the width of the image or the alignment by clicking the block actions menu on the right.

CleanShot 2023-07-21 at 14.35.37.gif

Search your workspace & Deepnote annual plans

search2 (1).png
Full-text workspace search

We have overhauled our search experience and now every piece of Deepnote information you need is always at your fingertips. Save countless hours and build on your organizational knowledge instead of starting from scratch every time.

Whether it's metadata, code, titles, or comments, you can now effortlessly find the exact information you need by hitting Ctrl + K (or ⌘ + K on Mac) and typing in plain language what keywords you are looking for.

seafch2 (1).png
Annual plans

In addition to monthly payments, you can now upgrade to our annual plans and enjoy the full power of Deepnote at a 20% cheaper price than the monthly option.

Learn more at our pricing page ->

Deepnote AI: ChatGPT for your notebook

blox (1).png
Introducing Deepnote AI

Transform your coding process with Deepnote AI’s smart conversational features. Whether you’re a Python pro or a coding beginner, Deepnote AI assists you every step of the way to gain the insights you need. It's like having a coding expert on your team, always ready to help with your project.

Learn more in our docs →


Ask questions in natural language, and Deepnote AI will craft code according to your instructions. (4).gif

Need to revise your code, refactor it, or make it more readable? Simply ask Deepnote AI and it will help edit any existing code. (5).gif

Don't let complex pieces of code baffle you anymore. With Deepnote AI at your service, gain concise, easy-to-understand explanations to accelerate your learning. (6).gif
A recap from last week…

Last time, we introduced Deepnote AI Copilot, bringing you lightning-fast and context-aware code suggestions as you type. Together with Deepnote AI's new conversational features, they form a dynamic AI toolkit, specifically designed to streamline your entire data workflow.

These two features work together and complement each other adapting to your project's unique requirements and the level of AI assistance you need. Employ Deepnote AI when you need a strong start or assistance with specific problems or code adjustments. Concurrently, as you delve into Deepnote AI's suggestions, AI Copilot remains ready to fill in any gaps, ensuring your efficiency remains at an all-time high.

Deepnote AI Copilot

AI Copilot - Kris (1).png
AI code completion general release

We are thrilled to announce that Deepnote’s AI Copilot is now available to all Team and Enterprise customers. After a highly successful closed Beta period, where participants reported a massive productivity boost, we're now ready to bring this game-changer feature to public availability - making Deepnote the first data notebook with fully integrated AI code completion. (2).gif

Our AI Copilot not only provides code suggestions with lightning speed, but also offers you a tailored experience that understands the full scope of your notebook. The more text and code you write as context, the more relevant code suggestions you will see. With this tool at your disposal, you can focus more on the big picture, letting the AI handle the more repetitive and tedious parts of coding tasks.

Read more in our docs ->

This milestone is part of our ongoing commitment to empower our users with AI-enhanced tools. We're already developing more advanced features that will redefine the way you work with data notebooks.

Learn more about the future of Deepnote AI in our blog article.

Slash command

You can now access the add block menu by pressing / in text blocks. This familiar shortcut makes it much easier to add different kinds of blocks to your notebook without reaching for your mouse. You can also use it to swiftly convert from one type of text block to another. (3).gif

SQL query caching and link previews

SQL query caching

SQL query caching is now live on Deepnote. It makes your SQL run faster and takes it easy on your database by smartly reusing the results for repeated queries. To start, go to the “Environment” section in your project and turn on the SQL cache. Alternatively, you can also enable it right from a SQL block after running a longer query.

2023-06-06 12.46.30 (2).gif

This is ready for you on our Team and Enterprise plans. Enjoy quicker analysis and cost savings!

Read more in our docs ->

Prettier link previews

Share project links in Slack, Twitter and other apps with confidence. Deepnote now prepares a pretty preview for each project so you know what’s inside at a glance.

OGproduct (1) (1).png

Link previews now display some useful metadata, such as the project name, author, environment and the types of connected integrations.

Custom project templates, shared Google Drive & colorful text blocks

Custom project templates

If you are attaching the same integrations, or using the same environment in most of your projects, you can save the project as a template that will remember all settings. To do that, click on the dropdown option of your project, and click "Add to templates". This template will be available workspace-wide to all collaborators and then can create a new project by hitting “New project from template”.

Product update (Optimized).png

Under the hood, a project template is just a special type of project - this means that you can edit and execute notebooks in it. Once you convert a project to a template, you won't find it in your Workspace anymore, but in the "New project from template" option when creating new projects.

Read more in our docs ->

Shared drives for Google Drive

The Google Drive integration provides a convenient way to access your files. This new capability allows you to add shared drives as one of your workspace integrations, thus making it easy to access the files for your entire team. When creating a Google Drive integration, you can now specify the team drive ID. This ID can be found in the URL.

Read more in our docs ->

Colorful text blocks

We've just added a splash of colors to your text blocks! Say goodbye to boring black and white and let your creativity shine with our new vibrant text options.

  • Simply highlight a piece of text and click on the color palette to choose from 7 new beautiful hues that can be applied.
  • Pro tip: you can use CMD + SHIFT + H to apply the last selected color.

AI Copilot & HIPAA compliance

AI code completion in closed Beta

We're thrilled to announce that intelligent code assistance is soon coming to Deepnote! With AI code completion (currently in closed Beta), you'll enjoy lightning-fast suggestions that consider the entire notebook as context, including text, code, and markdown.

Say goodbye to manual searches and time-consuming boilerplate code – our AI companion effortlessly anticipates your next steps. This is especially valuable for exploratory data analysis, empowering you to focus on gaining insights rather than getting caught up in syntax details. (1).gif

Limited seats are available for interested individuals to join our closed beta. Claim your spot by clicking on the link below. Priority will be given to our Team and Enterprise plan customers.

Join waitlist

Code completion is just the first step in our journey to transform data work in notebooks via the power of AI. We have many more exciting features planned, all aimed at enhancing your productivity. Keep an eye out for updates as we continue to unveil these exciting developments!

Announcing our HIPAA compliance

We are pleased to announce that Deepnote is now HIPAA compliant, which means that companies can securely process PHI on our platform while adhering to the US federal law that sets national standards for protecting medical records and personal health information.

If you would like to learn more about HIPAA and how to sign a BAA, please reach out to our sales team at

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