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Collaborative notebook for Snowflake

Query data directly from Snowflake with SQL and Python — all from the comfort of your data notebook.

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Connect from the start

You’re automatically connected to a sample Snowflake database to test out our native integration. When you’re ready to connect your own data, you only need to authenticate once to make your Snowflake instance available to every project in your workspace.

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Explore your data — fast

You get the fastest, most advanced schema browser you’ll find in a notebook. Navigate tables and columns at lightning speed and let our intelligent autocomplete handle the rest — the SQL queries practically write themselves.

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Rely on rock-solid security

You’ll stay secure with RBAC, allowlists, SSH tunnels, SSL certificates, OAuth, and more. Authenticate with your credentials or a shared account to transform SQL with Python, build no-code charts, collaborate in real time, and share work with a link.

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A better way for teams to work with data

Jump right into Deepnote to explore data with Python and SQL, work together with your team, and share insights that lead to action — all from the comfort of your browser.

Collaborative commenting

Work faster by allowing anyone to add comments, questions, and feedback.


Perform database transformations with Python and deploy machine learning models to Snowflake

Role-based access controls

Control who can access data, code, comment, or just view with role-based access controls.
Role-based access controls

Look back in time

Track all access and changes with audit logs and notebook history.

dbt metadata

Run your queries with Jinja in Deepnote’s SQL blocks and browse your company metrics right next to your warehouse schema.

Interactive visualizations

Instantly visualize dataframes as no-code configurable charts.

Who’s using Deepnote with Snowflake

Find out why more than 100,000 data professionals use Deepnote to explore, collaborate, and share.


"I knew I’d made the right decision when I started getting feedback from data scientists about how delightful their user experience was."

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“Our team can conduct analyses in the language most comfortable for them, which makes it accessible to and powerful for everyone.”

Hedge fund

“Ultimately, it has made a huge difference for collaboration in our team — it's night and day. There's before Deepnote and after Deepnote time.”

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