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AWS stack

Collaborative notebook built for the AWS stack

Your AWS Notebook, connect directly to Athena, Redshift, S3, and more.

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Amazon S3 in your notebooks

With Amazon S3, you can easily store any object in the cloud.

When connected to a Deepnote notebook, your S3 bucket will be mounted along with the notebook's filesystem. Then you can easily reference, upload, delete, or update any files that live in the bucket. S3 can be used to store large data sets that will serve as inputs to your data analysis or model training, or as well as directly save the outputs of your work.

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Amazon Redshift illustration

Tap into Amazon Redshift & Athena

Amazon Redshift and Athena are enterprise-ready data warehousing and query solutions that let you separate your compute from storage.

When connected to a Deepnote notebook, you can read, update, or delete any data from Amazon Redshift and Athena directly with SQL queries. The query result can be saved as a DataFrame and later analyzed or transformed in Python, as well as plotted with Deepnote's visualization blocks without writing any code.

Explore Amazon Redshift docs →Explore Amazon Athena docs →
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Customize environments with Amazon ECR

Amazon Elastic Container Registry helps you store, share, and deploy container software anywhere.

Import container images hosted in Amazon Elastic Container Registry to customize your Deepnote environment and add libraries and binaries.

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Improve your data security with Deepnote

Security gets better and easier with Deepnote. Stop exporting CSVs and taking screenshots of sensitive data. With Deepnote, you have complete control over data access and security.

AICPA SOC, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA Compliance badges

Secure & compliant

All data is secure and encrypted. Deepnote is compliant with HIPAA and SOC 2, GDPR, and more.

RBAC, SSO, directory sync

Control who can access data and code. Enjoy single sign-on via SAML or OIDC connections and sync your directory.
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Custom deployments

Get a secure, compliant, and fully managed Deepnote instance or book a demo to learn about all deployment options.

What makes Deepnote so secure?

Discover how we mitigate risks and protect your data using industry best practices and continuous improvements.
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Customer stories

Learn more about how data teams using AWS build better data products with Deepnote.


"I knew I’d made the right decision when I started getting feedback from data scientists about how delightful their user experience was."

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"We moved over to Deepnote ... we’re no longer copying and pasting screenshots from external sources."


“Our team can conduct analyses in the language most comfortable for them, which makes it accessible to and powerful for everyone.”

AWS PartnerAWS Qualified Software

Deepnote is proud to be a validated AWS partner.

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