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Amazon Elastic Container Registry

Do you have a private Docker image on Amazon ECR that you want to use in Deepnote? No problem. Follow these steps use your custom environment.

  1. Enter your AWS credentials. Keep in mind that the region has to match the region where your Docker images are located.
    You can learn how to obtain your Access Key ID and Secret here. When creating an IAM user, make sure it has permissions to access ECR. The minimum necessary permissions are: ecr:BatchGetImage, ecr:GetDownloadUrlForLayer and ecr:GetAuthorizationToken. You can also set the policies on the ECR repository level to limit access only to some repositories.

2. After creating and connecting the integration, you can use Docker images from your Amazon ECR repository as a custom environment for your projects.

Your credentials are encrypted and securely stored in our database. When you delete this integration, we also wipe your ECR credentials from our systems.